Together we can L.U.V every child

About Our Charity

Lift Up Voices Foundation (L.U.V) is a nonprofit organization bringing the gift of music to children and youth in disadvantaged communities.

Our empowering workshops are filled with interactive singing games and activities, songwriting and recording and lots of laughs. We believe music is a universal language that provides children with the gift of self-expression and creativity. L.U.V seeks to provide a cherished memory of good times, as well as boosting the confidence for each child to let their voices be heard long after each workshop experience.


“Share The Music. Spread The L.U.V.”

Our Mission
Our Mission

At the Lift Up Voices Foundation, we strive to bring joy and instill confidence in the hearts of all those we L.U.V. We are dedicated to assisting young people who have faced barriers to their full inclusion in society.

“You are recognized. You are heard.”

Our musical workshops aim to:
– Educate and empower children to express themselves through music, regardless of their ability or background
– Create a positive, uplifting and memorable experience
– Provide an inviting and secure environment to express musical talent
– Support each child to find and share their voice
– Build strength and resilience against all negativity
– Encourage acceptance and an understanding of diversity

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Our Work
Our Work

The Lift Up Voices Foundation provides a broad set of workshop services that encourage creativity, self-expression and personal growth.

Our musical workshops focus on:
– Leader demos
– Small group experiences focusing on teamwork/peer support
– Individualized modifications based on a child’s personal abilities
– Character building exercises
– Musical and recording skills 

“Together we can L.U.V every child.”

Meet the L.U.V Team


Our Goal
Our Goal

UNICEF estimates that 140 million children worldwide are orphans. Homeless youth represent 7% of the total homeless population in the United States. These aren’t just numbers on a page. This is a demographic that we are motivated and determined to reach. We want to provide an experience that these children have never had. One that they will always remember, along with tools they can always use. Our Lift Up Voices Foundation workshops are specifically designed for children in need of an escape from their daily hardships.

“We want to bring music into every home.”

Throughout our service in Jamaica, we met inspiring individuals who have come from backgrounds of incredible disadvantage, neglect and poverty. Few have access to music and incorporate it into their daily lives. The Lift Up Voices Foundation aims to empower these groups of young people to express themselves, find their voice and experience the joy and exuberance that no child should miss out on.

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The L.U.V Team
The L.U.V Team

The L.U.V team comprises of founders, Tori Marshall and Mauli B., music industry professionals who have worked with some of the top recording artists including Katy Perry, Queen Latifa, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Gladys Knight & many others. Tori and Mauli came together to utilize their skills in music to inspire, motivate and uplift children worldwide.

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